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As an interior designer, it is always important to stay in-the-know, and one design trend in particular has created quite a buzz among designers and their clients – blue and white accessories!

This classic color combination is a personal favorite of mine. I love to incorporate this timeless color palette into my design projects any chance I get. If you are looking to create a space with comfort and style in mind, blue and white accessories are the way to go.

Recently, I have had a great interest in blue and white porcelain specifically, a tradition that goes back centuries. Particularly admired by Imperial court of China, it is fascinating to trace the shapes and motifs preferred by different emperors, many of whom ordered huge quantities of porcelain from the imperial kilns at Jingdezhen.

A few of my favorite blue and white porcelain accessories come from Sarreid, Ltd., a source for exceptional home accessories and bench made occasional furniture. Sarreid, Ltd.’s collection of blue and white ceramics displays meticulous artwork in subject, scenery and in beautiful borders. Each piece tells a story that invokes the Chinese culture, or perhaps depicts some aspect of nature that is somehow universal in appeal. Blue and white porcelain accessories are quite traditional and add a sense of history and refinement.

Take a look at my top two blue and white porcelain product picks from Sarreid, Ltd. With a sense of elegance, comfort and style, these products are great addition to any space.

This ceramic jar and lid has an 18th century under glaze blue, decorated with an excellent painting of a galloping mounted warrior. The porcelain vase also shows a pair of mounted warriors engaged in combat. Each panel has similar scenes alternating with panels containing rocks, plants and various landscape scenes. The pattern is repeated on the lid. This vase replicates those from the Qing dynasty, Kangxi reign, 1662 – 1722.

As seen above, this vase has exquisite touches of an elegant blue and white combination.

This piece is hand-painted with a continuous landscape of Pomegranate and Scholars Rocks scenes which depict a sitting bird and phoenix flowers. This vase represents the type from the Kangxi period (1662 – 1722).

Designed with leaf and bird elements, I find this ceramic vessel to be quite remarkable. 

In addition, I have partnered with Eichholtz for a new product line exclusive to Ami Austin Interior Design and P & B Design Source. A few of my new exclusive products will also include blue and white porcelain accessories. Vase Debussy and Vase Armand are both created with blue and white ceramic, and my favorite part – the gold finish!

Vase Debussy
Credit: Eichholtz
Vase Armand
Credit: Eichholtz
Stay tuned for more details regarding my new product line, including some of the blue and white accessories pictured below.

With blue and white accessories like these, it is simple to design a tasteful and elegant space. For all your blue and white accessory needs, feel free to contact me, as I would love to find the perfect accessories for your home! For more information, visit my website.

I would also like to give a special thank you to Sarreid, Ltd. for so graciously agreeing to participate in my blog, as well as providing product information and images.

~ Ami Austin

Daniel Hicks