Small Spaces & Big Results!

A few years ago I was interviewed by a local magazine on how to help design for spaces. For some it is a challenge. For me it is one of my favorite opportunities. Small spaces can have the biggest impact when done right.

Of course you have heard the saying “less is more”, well with small spaces, “bigger is better”. Why?

You are able to create an illusion with larger object s in small spaces for more impact.

Here are some tried and true remedies that product amazing results for any room.

Mirror a wall. It adds depth from other areas that help create a sense of space.

Use large pieces, by adding large scale art or a large piece of furniture as a stand out or focal point. This helps create a sense of height and or depth in a small space.

Do something interesting with the ceiling. A very neglected area in most homes. It draws the eye up again emphasizing one area as a focal point.

Uniformity in color also helps create an illusion of a larger space. No matter what the color, staying with the same hues extends the view rather than chopping up the space.

What not to do: Don’t clutter a small space is with unorganized objects. Uniformity is best and looks pleasing to the eye. Save the collections for another area of the home and we will tell you how to best display those items in another blog.

Off to work on a small space. We are glad you are following us and look forward to topics that you may be interested in and if you can’t wait for the blog. Pick up the phone.


Daniel Hicks